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And what they said.......


"And Macky Singh, the NZU coach, has given me a lot of confidence as well, on and off the field. Being named vice-captain of the 2005 Universities squad is a huge boost for me from a coach to whom you feel comfortable talking about anything - he knows when to put the pressure on, and when to ease off".


Tess Murphy 

Former Vice-Captain, New Zealand Universities Women National Team 2001 - 2005 (source: New Zealand Ultimate Soccer Website)




"Another key contributor to my career has been former NZ Universities coach Macky Singh - around the ages of 10 - 13, he was a very crucial coach in my development".


Megan Shea

New Zealand U17 & U20 Women's National Team (source: New Zealand Ultimate Soccer Website)




You can also tell the influence of Macky Singh, another person to whom Maia is greatly indebted. "He taught me to think for myself".


Maia Vink

Former New Zealand U17 Women's National Team squad member. (source: New Zealand Ultimate Soccer Website)




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